Choosing Fonts


By Wendy Rall   Volume 1  Article 5

When it comes to selecting a font for your logo, tagline and advertising materials, the most important thing to remember is: If it is easy to read, then it will be easy to remember. The font for your logo and brand need to be legible at any size. Think about how your font will appear in large print, for example on a trade show booth, or in small print as on a business card. 
Another factor to consider, when selecting a font, is the effect of upper and lower case letters. A sentence written in all uppercase letters is difficult to read, and may feel like someone is yelling at you. However when designing your logo, if your brand name is short, then all uppercase letters may be used for uniformity. For advertising, a combination of upper and lowercase generally works best. 

When deciding on a font, keep in mind your target audience and how you would like to portray your product or service. If you have a high end product, you might select a font that is tall, thin and classic. On the other hand, round, swirling letters will convey a much different idea. Although you might be fond of a more complicated font, reserve it for design accents. 

If you look at the font examples shown here, you will see that each style has a different feeling and delivers a distinct message. Which font should your choose? The options are endless. Just remember your brand font should be clean and easy to read, regardless of size. The font should truly reflect the essence of your product or service.