Color plays a part

By Wendy Rall   Volume 1 Article 2

Colors evoke emotions. They make us feel something, but each color elicits a different reaction. Let’s take GREEN for example. Green generally represents the environment, growth and freshness, and makes us feel serene.

The color wheel inspires a range of emotions, and certain colors invoke certain sentiments. It is important to know which emotion is triggered by which color.

Blue represents trust, strength and security.

Purple represents royalty, luxury and wisdom.

Red represents ambition, power, danger and excitement.

Orange represents friendliness, sociability and confidence.

Yellow represents warmth, clarity and optimism.

Black represents elegance, finality and formality.

White represents purity, cleanliness and innocence.

Your colors are used in more than just your logo. The color of your fonts, graphics, photos and illustrations are all part of your brand image.

Take a look at the logo for Tart and Soul. The basic colors for the brand are pink and brown, and are used to inspire the feeling of a bakeshop. Brown reminds us of chocolate and pink reminds of us of strawberries and sweetness.

Now, let’s see what the logo would look like if we substituted the browns and pinks with tans and greens. The new color scheme gives the brand a very different feeling. And what if we used another color scheme with red, white and blue? The new feeling is quite a stretch from the original bakeshop image.

Colors are an important element of your brand image and send a message to potential customers. What do your colors say?