Consistency in Branding

By Wendy Rall   Volume 1  Article 6

One of the most important aspects when branding your business is consistency. This means that when creating your sales and marketing materials—your web presence and your advertising and packaging designs—your visual image must be consistent. 

A mistake I see repeatedly, and which generates a substantial amount of inconsistency in advertising, is when a business allows various media sources to create free ad designs. Media sources will often offer you a free ad design in order to help close the sale. There is nothing inherently wrong with using these free services, and although the in-house designer may produce a nice design for you, that design is not likely going to look like the rest of your advertising materials. 

Ask yourself: Does that free ad design match your other advertisements and marketing materials? Is it consistent with you social media cover pages? How about your web page? Does it have the same look and feel as your brochures and trade show images? If you answered no to the above questions, you risk loosing recognition and ultimately loosing business. 

Let’s look at an example. If you visit my website you will see an example of consistency in branding. Every piece of advertising and marketing materials, from the business card to the vehicle window decal, has the same feel to it. This does not mean that every piece needs to be exactly the same, rather it means that there should be a consistent theme running through your colors, fonts, images and overall look, whether it be a stripe pattern or a soft style of photography.

The human mind can recall repeated images more easily, and research has shown that seeing an image at least 3 times will help the viewer remember the image. When developing your marketing campaign, create a consistent brand image that will make your brand easy to recognize and easy to remember.