Re-Sizing Your Ads When Advertising Your Brand

By Wendy Rall Volume 4 Article 3

magine you are advertising your brand and have a killer ad design running in one magazine. It was designed to the specifications of this magazine and all of your text and images are inside of the “safety zone.” Now imagine it’s time to run an ad in another magazine. Would you give that same ad to the additional magazines? The answer is no. Why? Because not all magazines are the same size. They are “close” to being the same size, but “close” is not okay.

Take a full-page ad design, for example. The ad will not fit if one magazine is half of an inch taller than the magazine you designed and you provide the original ad to this publication. The publication receiving the wrong sized ad should contact you and ask for a corrected ad. In some cases, especially when submitting your ad close to the publication’s deadline, the magazine’s staff is forced to adjust your ad. Since publication ready files are not created to be edited, they must be edited in a non-conventional method. Non-conventional methods may require “cutting and pasting” or “cloning” parts of your ad in Photoshop. In some cases, your ad may have to be stretched to fit and this is something that you do not want. You may wind up with text and images that look “squished” or stretched.

The lesson to learn is that when running an ad in various publications, provide the sizes for all of the places you plan to advertise to your designer at once. Request that the original ad be re-sized to fit all spaces, and be prepared to provide additional ad files.