Creating effective advertising. Part 2

By Wendy Lea Rall Volume 4 Article 2 Part 2

In part one of this article, I discussed how a client had asked me if we could “just use the back of the brochure as our ad?” . All specifics of why this will not be effective advertising is explained in Part 1.

You can now see what the back of the brochure looks like. It was perfect for the back of a 6 panel brochure, but not effective for a print ad. The reasons are because the back of the brochure contained only contact information, owners names and a tag-line. The logo was not the feature element, and no samples of packaging were included. Nothing on the back panel described that they were cultivators. Simply it did not contain needed information.


When you view the design created for the 1/3 page magazine ad, you see that the logo is featured, and pertinent text and images are included. This is an effective advertisement.