Marketing with COMPLETE Information

By Wendy Lea Rall Volume 4 Article 6

Marketing: Who, what, WHERE, when and why.

Most of us know that these are the basics needed in your marketing materials. There is one mistake I see made repeatedly. Many companies are not providing their complete address on marketing and advertising efforts. There are several reasons that this information is important.

It is important to include your city and state on all invitations, announcements, and advertising. I find that many of the invitations that I receive via email have the event time and street address, but no city and state. I now have to visit a website to find out what city and state WHERE the event will be held. In addition, this makes things more time consuming, which may frustrate your customer. Consequently, if you are in a large city such as well known Hollywood you don’t have to include the words Los Angeles or California. Just as if you are in Denver. You can afford to omit Colorado, solely due to the fame of the location.

Recently I came across a business card for a medical delivery service. I was wondering if it was the card given to me for a service in my area. It had no information except the name, phone number and delivery hours. I could identify the general location from the area code. If it had the city and state included, it would look more professional and be helpful and complete. Therefore if you are a delivery service, and your card does not say where you deliver to, it’s not a completely effective marketing piece.

In addition, Magazine advertisements are another place that companies are failing to provide complete information. Trade show giveaways and online magazines distribute your ad nationally. It is important to include your city and state. I believe that some leaders think about the content and focus of the ad, but forget that the ad will be seen nationally.  Imagine that I am a consumer, and I see your edible product advertised in a gorgeous full-page print ad.  I will want to know immediately if it is available in my state. If your city and state are not included, I will need to visit your website to find out WHERE you are located. Although we always want to drive the consumer to our website, we still need to let them know in an instant where you are/distribute.

Now, think about your business card. Many companies no longer include a street address. Including your city and state will help people to connect with you. People just want to know where you are. Logistics are important. We work in different time zones. Knowing where you are based is important. When I review business cards collected at an event, and I see a card from a print company, for example, I want to know where they are located in relation to my clients. This is important because shipping impacts the project cost.

Finally, please review your marketing and advertising. See if you need to complete your information in any areas. Having complete information not only shows that you are a professional business paying attention to detail. It also connects your client with you more effectively and securely.