Are you consistent online and offline?

By Wendy Rall    Volume 3 Article 4

When you make the decision… “Yes, I'm going to do it,… I'm going to become a licensed cultivator!”… the adrenaline and creativity kicks in: “I’m also going to create my own line of products! I need a logo, I need a website! 

If you are at this point, congratulations! It's great to get moving on this decision quickly as regulations and requirements are ever-changing.You know you have to be “on your game” so you look to align yourself with professionals who can help you get to market and be successful. 

If you are already past this point, and currently distributing your product, it is also good to step back and take a look at your marketing efforts online and offline and consider the following. It is very important to be sure that the brand identity and visual image are consistent across your online and offline material. Imagine that a first time visitor to your website was introduced to your brand at an industry trade show. They saw your booth and have your marketing materials in hand when they view your website. Now, imagine if they land on your home page and the overall look of the website does not match your brands visual identity, they may not be immediately certain that they are on the correct website. 


So how do you fix this or prevent this from happening? The answer is to be sure that your logo and visual identity are created before you develop your website. It is wise to put your creative designer in touch with your web developer so they may work as a team. Creating a visual brand identity is a very different type of “job” than creating a website. Creating a website is a very technical job. It is complex and requires extensive knowledge. Most web developers do not consider themselves to be creative designers, although they can complete designs jobs. In the same area, most creative designers are not web programmers. They understand how development of a website works, however very few creative designers also specialize in coding and everything that goes with maintaining a website. This is why we need each other!

There are two routes recommended to ensure branding consistency:

1. Have your creative designer create the homepage design along with one sample interior web page design. Then provide the working file to your developer to work from.

2. Your creative designer can provide your web developer with your logo, background images, “accent” fonts and color palette, as tools used to create a consistent brand identity.

Consistency in all areas, from your website and marketing materials, to your staff shirts and promotional items, will help your potential clients to recognize you more easily. 

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