Updating Your Brand Package Design

By Wendy Rall    Volume 3 Article 6

With new brands emerging in the market constantly, it’s important now more than ever, to be sure that your package design is working for you. Wether the customer is looking at your package on a store shelf or a photo of you package online, you need to command attention. You need to have a visual brand appeal.

I’d like to share the story that inspired this article, while I was in my hay barn last week. I site the DuMor Sand-Aid package redesign as an example. I used to use this product over a year ago, and I stopped. The package on the right is the package that I bought over a year ago, and had stored away. Last week I returned to using the product and purchased a new bucket. When I shelved them side by side, I noticed the redesign immediately. However, I did not notice the redesign when I was in the store, but I still recognized that DuMor was the brand I was looking for. This is an example of a good package redesign.

Lets look at this brand’s package redesign. You will see that the new package on the left is visually more attractive. It has a more sophisticated look to it, but overall the redesign has not lost the brand identity. The colors and shapes have remained. By moving a photo of a horse to the front and center of the package, the image catches the consumers eye more quickly, with focus. The new photo shows action and is more captivating and colorful than the original photo.

The text on the new package is contained in a sophisticated, easy to read manner. The addition of grey tones which portray a rich silver feel, add an elegance that makes this product look like a high end, quality product. The older package used yellow as an accent, which gives the overall package a different “mass market” type of feel.

I share this with you because the competition is out there and it may be time for you to take a fresh look at you current package design. Is it making an impact? Are you increasing sales and distribution? Have your sales declined since the market has been expanding?  If business is not growing at the rate that it could, you may want to take a close look at your overall image and package design.