Branding: More than Logo Design

By Wendy Rall Volume 5 Article 3

Branding is one of the most misunderstood hot topics in our industry today. Due to this, it’s critical to your business to understand the importance of a strong brand, which is much more than a logo.

What is a logo?

Simple question, right? We all know that it is your identifying mark. It is a symbol and font that identifies your business and can be recognized and remembered. Therefore, logos should be memorable, easy to read, simple and original (no clip-art). Consequently, illustrative and complex logos can be hard to read and even harder to remember.

A logo is the foundation of your “brand identity”. Your brand identity is business cards, stationery, advertising, packaging and marketing collateral, etc. Because your brand identity is anything visual, it is often referred to as your “visual brand identity”.  Therefore your logo is not your brand.

What is a brand?

A brand is emotional. It is what is behind your business and what you believe. If you are a consumer brand, your brand is the products themselves and the story that tells the reason for what you do, and how you consumer can benefit from your product.

If you are a service brand, your brand is how you treat people, how reliable and consistent you are in your service. Therefore your attention to detail and follow-up is important. Due to this, your brand becomes your personality and bears more responsibility than a logo. Your logo design is the starting point of your brand visually, however, your customer truly shapes the perception of your brand.

What does someone feel when they come in touch with your brand? Are you consistent and following a strategy? Take time to think about that. Most of all, it is important to create clear and consistent communication. A great experience and good communication are an integral part of good branding.

To sum it up, your brand is:

  • a call to action
  • the way you speak to your customers, audibly and in marketing communications
  • customer service
  • your people
  • logo and visual imagery.

Whether you have an awesome logo or not, you still have a brand. What you choose to do with this brand is critical and entirely up to you.

As seen on Cannabis Business Executive website

As seen on Cannabis Business Executive website