WRITTEN INTERVIEW: Re-branding skyrockets sales for Good Stuff Tonics

Budd Branding's Wendy Rall had the pleasure of gaining knowledge from the Founder of the Good Stuff Tonics, Daniel Grim. He Daniel shares his journey from conception to re-branding success!

WR: What year did you start The Good Stuff Tonics?

DG: We actually started the company in June 2016, however the conception of the idea began in November of 2015.

WR: And your inspiration to start company? 

DG: I to the MJ Business Convention in November of 2015, looking for an opportunity to enter the cannabis industry. I saw the need for a healthy beverage that would have a quick effect. It’s obvious that as the industry is expanding, that people will want to drink their cannabis. I wanted the cannabis ingestion to be in the most clean, healthy delivery system as possible. Living in California, I see that the majority of people do not want to wait an hour to feel the effects of cannabis. Our clean, organic product will be felt in an average of 15 minutes. Cannabis ingested through the mouth, is a quick delivery system.

WR: And how many products do you currently have on the market now, Daniel?

DG: The company currently has three flavors. We started with our Apple Ginger, added the Crimson Root, and recently a Blueberry which is rich in CBD. Each of the three flavors are available in various dosages and sizes. We are currently expanding our line to include a larger variety of dosages. We are about to introduce our fourth flavor "Cherry Bliss".

WR: And how many employees do you have at Good Stuff Tonics?

DG: We have two “official” employees and a team of producers, social media pros and our sales team. My father and brother are integral parts of the company.

WR: What were your initial projected sales?

DG: We could only guesstimate how many bottles we could sell per day.  We didn’t know if it would be one or two, or maybe 5 bottles a day?

WR: How many stores at launch?: 

DG: TGS launched in one collective in San Diego, June 2016. Our focus was to just “get the product out”. I was still working a full time job, and just getting my feet wet in the market was the first goal achieved.

WR: What would you estimate that your sales were at when we met?

DG: When we met, our sales were at about 20% of the projected goal. 

WR: How was this percent-to-goal impacting the business?

DG: It was delaying us from moving forward at our projected rate.

WR: So, was it about ten months after the launch of the first two products that we met in April of 2017?

DG: Yes it was.

WR: Your product featuring the re-branded labels went to market in April2017 as well?

DG: Yes, after working with Budd Branding, we had our newly labeled products in stores that same month.

WR: How many stores can you be found in?

DG: We are currently in 50 stores on the southern California coast. With the original brand identity, it was slow for us to expand into more stores. Once we redesigned the label, we were able to get into more shops faster than before. 

WR: Upon launch of the re-branding, what did you do?

DG:  We had several collectives awaiting the arrival of our re-branded products, however they were not willing to accept the Kombucha until there was a sales brochure to accompany and explain the product to the general public. We worked with Budd Branding to create a visual brand identity, as well as the re-branded image of the product itself. A brochure was created in order to explain the heath benefits of The Good Stuff Tonics Kombucha. Posters were recommended by Ms. Rall as an opportunity to grab a captive audience inside of a waiting room, lobby or showroom. Budd branding created a poster to attract our consumer, bring awareness about the product, all while providing the collective with attractive art for their walls at no charge.

We also had a Thank You Party in celebration of our vendors and collectives.

WR: How did the re-branding impact your product line?

DG: The impact was tremendous. We had a significant jump in our overall sales. Once the product was on the shelves with the new visual identity, our sales increased immediately by 300%. Actually, we sell one case three (3) or four (4) times faster as before.

WR: With the additional increase in sales revenue from the re-branding what have you been able to do?:

DG: We are now able to increase and streamline the production. We are expanding to offer a larger variety of dosages and sizes, and plan to introduce additional flavors this year.

WR: What are your plans for 2018, and how will the new laws impact you?

DG: We plan to adapt all packaging/labeling to the new legal requirements. We will remain compliant and continue to expand our varieties of high quality, fast acting, organic, cannabis beverages.

WR: What role do you see Budd Branding playing in future plans?

DG: We are happy to have partnered with Budd Branding and see us working together as we create a growing brand together.

WR: Do you have a great customer story from the product?  

DG: Yes! Several, but let me tell you about the patient with CPRS. She told us that the Kombucha is the only thing that has helped her in the last ten years, with her pain. In the customers with Crone’s disease and Colitis, it helps inflammation. Another consumer told us it helps her with the stomach, but targets anxiety her as well.

WR: Who are you finding is your target market? 

DG: Our target market is the yoga, sports and health community. We discovered this after the launch, and it is the reason behind the re-branding of the product. 

WR: What’s your mission?: 

DG: To provide cannabis in a clean, healthy, delivery system as a fermented product . To provide this organic, low sugar product that is nutritious and fast acting.